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Corner Brook

Contact Information

Corner Brook Pulp and Paper Limited
P. O. Box 2001
Corner Brook, Newfoundland and Labrador
Canada A2H 6J4
Telephone: (709) 637-3000
Fax: (709) 639-843

About the Mill

The Corner Brook Mill was founded by the Newfoundland Power and Paper Company Limited in 1925 and acquired by Kruger Inc. in 1984.  Its two paper machines produce newsprint from thermo-mechanical pulp.  The Company’s paper is renowned for its outstanding printability and is used extensively for four-colour printing.
The Corner Brook Mill has a 15-MW cogeneration plant, as well as two hydroelectric plants that have a combined installed capacity of over 120 MW and meet 70% of the Mill’s energy needs.  In addition, the Corner Brook Mill’s secondary effluent treatment system ensures its effluent complies with environmental standards.

Production Capacity

Newsprint:  250,000 MT


Thermo-mechanical pulp


Container, truck, ship


ISO 9001:2000
PEFC (Chain of Custody)
PwC-ICoC™: 2005 (Chain of Custody)
FSC® (Chain of Custody)