Our Products

Recognized across North America and all over the world for the exceptional quality of our products, we specialize in the production of Standard Newsprint, Hi-Brite Paper, Newsprint, Book Paper, Inkjet Paper and various basis weights and brightness levels of Coated Paper for magazines and advertising inserts.

Book Paper

KruBook is specifically designed for the softcover book market and is sold across North America. This product is available in various calipers.


Our world-famous newsprint, is renowned for its quality and the main reason we are frequently named Supplier of the Year by major publishing organizations including Dow Jones and Gannett.

Coated Paper

Discover our wide range of coated papers in different basis weights, and levels of brightness, opacity, gloss and caliper. From Krukote Offset (#5) through Krukote 80 (#4), and basis weights 28# to 50#, we offer a vast selection of options for publishers, catalogue producers and printers. In addition, our latest product, Krukote Satin, provides a different look and feel than standard coated grades. Satin is offered in 72, 76 and 80 brightness and in a variety of basis weights starting at 36#.

Construction Paper

Made from thermo-mechanical pulp, it is offered in two basis weights and in 14 different colours.

High-Bright Paper

KruBrite, a cost-effective option for a variety of commercial printing jobs, is available in a variety of weights, and bulk and brightness levels.